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2017-18 Sports funding impact report

2017/2018 impact report for pe funding


Action 1

The outdoor area has now become an outdoor classroom. Focussed activities are available in all weather and have access throughout the day. Children are now able to practise fine/gross motor activities daily, as they are well equipped and clothed.


During rainy weather, there are more opportunities to learn, after purchasing two gazebos.


Action 2


We received the School Games ‘GOLD’ award due to the number of competitions we have taken part in. We also trained one third of Y5 children to become Golden Mile Leaders and Sports Crew. Children have more opportunities to take part in inter competitions, led by external coaches and pupils. 73% of children have accessed these lunch time clubs.

Staff are feeling more confident and competent and are delivering higher quality PE lessons seen in observations and communicating with staff).


Action 3

A dance club has been available each Monday for all years. Children dip in and out of the session during their lunch time and are enjoying this (according to a pupil voice meeting). We would still like more children to participate, so we will be looking into attracting more children, especially the older children.


Action 4

Maths of the day

Throughout the year, it has become difficult to implement Maths of the Day, as we have changed our Maths scheme.  However, we have made many changes to improve children’s physical activity during lunch times and break times. The resources are still available, if teachers require them.


Action 5

Supply cover

The PE lead has been able to attend Subject leader meetings to gain information on new initiatives and to feed back to staff. This has also improved links with external coaches.


Action 6 and 7.


The purchasing of the new gymnastic has helped in many ways. A Key Steps after school club was held over the course of two terms, training children in preparation for a Gymnastics competition. We attended a level 2 competition and got through to the Level three county competition with one of our gymnasts. The equipment is also used during PE lessons.




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