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Sports Funding 2018/2019

Action and cost

To join the Primary PE in school Membership.


Anticipated action

Livewire supports our school by offering a wide selection of services.These include staff training, quality coaches, and access to a variety of competitions.


We have particpated in many level 1, 2 and 3 competitons, including football, dance, athletics, cricket and tennis. We have also taken more than one team to events, so more children can take part in competitive sport.

Action and cost

To encourage more children to be physically active during the school day.



Anticipated impact

To offer a wide range of activities to enable all children to become more active throughout the day.

We will work alongside Warrington Sports Academy and Premier Sports to deliver lunch time clubs for all children as part of the Governments Obesity Plan.


A recent questionnaire showed that;

61% of EYFS children take part, and 59% of children across the school who frequently dip in and out of these activities each week.

Action and cost

To purchase and install a golden mile running track.


Anticipated Impact

To encourage more children to be physically active before school, during school and after school.


Children seemed to be using the track more during the winter months, when the field was free from children during wet weather. 

We will now look at ways to encourage children to use it more frequently and introduce competiton. 

Action and cost

Supply cover


Anticipated Impact

To enable staff to attend CPD courses, monitor and evaluate PE in our school, and to take children to and from competitions.


The PE Lead has attended PE courses to keep up to date with new initiatives and opportunities.

Competitions have taken place (see above).

Action and cost

To supply all teachers with appropriate clothing to teach PE, and to set a good example to children.


Anticipated Impact

So staff wear the same uniform to model good pratice.


The majority of children are wearing the correct PE kit.

Total Cost spent


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