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Employer Matched Funding


Many of our parents work for major employers and some employers offer a form of matched fundraising/community support.

Most companies provide details of this via their HR function, extranet or intranet systems but if in doubt your HR department is usually the best place to start.

Each company will be different.  Here are some examples of employer fundraising we have been able to gain access to because of our parents kindly applied for them:

  • If the employee helps out on a stall at one of our School Fairs then their employer is willing to donate up to £250 to our PFA (because it is a registered charity.)
  • A member of staff nominated the PFA as their preferred charity and asked their employer to consider making a donation.  We received £500 just because a parent asked! (The parent also ran a stall at one of our Fairs.)
  • One local employer allows their staff to have 1 or 2 days a year off work to help with volunteering/community causes.  This allowed them get time off to help with preparations  for the School Fair and then help run a stall.

If you work for a small company or you are self-employed and therefore you do not have access to the type of support mentioned above, perhaps your Managing Director might be willing to donate a prize for a raffle.  We have been really lucky in the past with a local firm offering a VIP Box for a rugby match, a free MOT and we have also had the kind offer of a free “make up and hair up” prize from a self-employed parent who offered these services.

Any help or donation of any kind will always be gratefully received.

If you or your employer need any further information from us to enable you/them to consider a donation please contact us at:



Many thanks

The PFA Team

Last updated Sept 2015

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